Document Tracker with 60

Can we use Document tracker with webmethods6.1 to track document publish and subscribe ?

Yes, document tracker works fine.

Can anyone expand on this? I want to use Doc Tracker to subscribe to documents that are published from a 6.0 service. I can connect to the broker but the client group (“IntegrationServer”) doesn’t have the documents that I want to subscribe to.


In IS did you flag your documents as being publishable to the broker?

Once you’ve done this, they should appear.

Thanks for the response Brigitta. Yes, in Developer: “Document type is publishable to the Broker” was checked prior to when I setup the Broker Configuration in Administrator.

So I unchecked the Publishable option and saved. When I changed it back to Publishable and saved, the document now shows up in the client group I had defined.

Thanks for the help!!