Document Retrieval vs Document Processing

Can some one let me know what is the difference Document Retrieval and Document Processing in broker messaging ?

what happens if enable like below:

Document Retrieval - ON
Document Processing - OFF

Document Retrieval - OFF
Document Processing - ON

Document Retrieval - OFF
Document Processing - OFF

Hi Sandeep,
the IS does not get the documents from the broker or UM or other JMS provider one by one but in bulks. This is called “Retrieval”.
Then the processing is done depending on your configuration sequentially or in parallel.
Default is 10 parallel threads.
Now this already answer your question – when you disable the “Retrieval” no more documents are received, but in case you have still many in the queue the “Processing” can go on.
On the other side when your turn “Retrieval” off then the queue the “Processing” works from is not refilled.
Both off is self explaining.
When is this important?
Imagine you want to migrate your system and not leave any documents behind - then make sure you close down the “Retrieval” but leave your IS enough time to work down the queue before you disable it completely.
I hope that helps.

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Thank u for clarifying


Retrieval gets the documents from messaginng provider into local IS storage and Processing performs the real work on the document and returns an ack to the messaging provider.

For the case the IS goes down and not all locally cached documents have been processed and acked to the messaging provider, these will remain available on the messaging provider.
When IS is restarted, these documents will then be retransferred from messaging provider to IS for processing.

Additionally I agree with Holm.


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