document reference or a copy of document

We have a global document that are subscribed by many clients. I am writing a new service which will publish this document. However I dont’ want other triggers to be triggered. Should I create a new document by copying the global document instead?


In trigger use filter conditions so that the global document is not subscribed by all the triggers.

The trigger/s that matches the above condition will only subscribe to the global document.

Can you brief about your requirement?

My trigger is subscribed to a global document which my service will map to with input data. When my trigger is triggered, other triggers in other service will also be triggered because the document also match their filters. I don’t want to manually change the content of original input data, and I don’t want other trigger being triggered. Should I create a new document with same content of global document instead?

you should publish the document with different filter conditions than the existing ones and use these filters in your trigger.

you can deliver the document to your trigger (client). there is a built in service to deliver the document.



As D.C told, you can use different filter condition to identify a document. Try to use combination of different/multiple fields from the publishable document to recognize.

or else if you want to send it to particular client then user deliver service as prasad told.