Document Priority


Is there a way in wM, where we can specify different priorities for the document to be processed in webMethods IS or Broker.

to be precise, the document processing priority would be in the document and this must be used to route the document to the back end.

Thanks in advance.
Bhavani Shankar

I heard this was coming in Broker 6.5.2 but do not see it. I have submitted a service request and will let you know the result.

We are already using the IS 6.5 with SP2. Hope the broker is also the same version. Anyways thanks for the information. I too will search the advantage for any such news.

thanks again
Bhavani Shankar

I am not sure that we can set priority for the document as in the properties dialog box for the document there is no such property to set the priority. If you know how to set please let us know.

Thanks in Advance

From what I understand, priority processing of documents is being handled by using JMS instead of native Broker documents. If you write your own Java client to the Broker you can use priority (with 6.5.2), but it is not, and probably will not, be accessible via the Developer.

As an update to this, in the 7.1 version, in the WmPublic package they have added JMS messaging publish/subscribe functionality similar to the native broker publishes in the past - only you can add priority now