Document out of sync between Workflow and Broker

I’m new to WebMethods.

I added a new field to a document and pushed it to the Broker. However, when I open my Workflow Designer, I cannot see the new field that I needed in the document. Is there a step that I missed somewhere in the process. It would be painful if I have to redo Workflow whenever a document is modified. Thanks!


Did you get an answer to this?

I resolved this by changing the broker document, then changing the workflow document.

“changing the broker document, then changing the workflow document”

Can you elaborate on this a bitmore…

After the change you just pushed made sync to broker?and workflow change edited the document with adding inputs fields?


You will need to make sure that the document and field associations are still there. Changes are, they will not be. We’ve had a considerable amount of changes in our current project. Each change required a remapping of the fields.