Document mismatch, List expected


I have a document type defining a web service response document. This document type has been generated from a wsdl file.
This document type contains a Document List named statusList with following schema attribute :

Type : Document List
IsNillable : false
IsAbstract : false
Min Occurs : 1
Max Occurs : unbounded
ComplexType : Status

My problem is that i am receiving a web service response with only one occurence of statusList

Successfull set invocation

When i try to reply the document to the flow sender with pub.publish:reply , i encounter following error

[ISC.0082.9027] Dimension mismatch, List expected

because there is only one occurrence of statusList

The problem is not detected when there is more than one occurence of statusList.

Please for help.


Hello dndoye,
Are You calling the webservice with wm webservice connector?? or something else (own client)??

I am calling the web service with wm webservice connector and the front web service server is also a webmethods integration server .

I resolved the problem by specifying the documentTypeName in xmlNodeToDocument service and setting makeArrays option to false (in web service connector generated flow)



Glad you found the right solution to the [ISC.0082.9027] Dimension mismatch issue.

Providing a documentTypeName is the best fix for this solution. The second best fix is to provide a list of the recurring elements in the arrays parameter. The least effective is to rely on the default generation of document lists.