Document Lost when it is delivered from WebMethod to Java

Hi All,

When we are connecting the java client to webMethods, and publishing the document from webMethods, we are getting the output in Java but if we change it to Deliver, It is lost somewhere. When We check in WebManager, it shows the java client with published documents as 1 and read docs and everything else as 0. since it gets struck before destroying the java client, therefore we are able to see this. At everywhere else it is working fine but not just in this integration. Below is the code where it is getting struc.

public synchronized int GetRequestedData(String fldList) {
if (fldList != null) {
try {
logger.write(“Attempting to retrieve data from Broker in GetRequestedData method…”);
replyEvent = COMSBrokerClient.getEvent(-1);

it is not getting anything in replyevent. and hangs there. If we give any timeout, it times out and ends without any reply doc.

With a “Deliver” type of send, the publisher explicitly identifies the intended recipient within the envelope fields of the document. If you don’t set the recipient, it goes into the bit-bucket (no receivers). A “Publish” will go to all subscribers.

If you’re intending to to a request/reply, the requestor should do a publish. The replier should use the right methods to generate a reply (there are several helper methods) which will be delivered back to the publisher.

Out of curiosity, why are you using the API and not leveraging an adapter of some sort? Coding to the API has many, many pitfalls.