Document Count

I am using the ActiveX API from a VBScript. I like to know

1. how to identify if a document exists in Tamino. I am looking for somthing that is like the hasMoreElements method in Java Client API.

My query looks like this:

set doc = tamino.DoQuery(queryStr)

set root = tamino.ReturnNodes(doc)

I hope I’ve understand your question correct. You are looking for a method, that lets you know if one or more document of a specified kind exists in a tamino db?

I’m doing that by getting all specific docs by a query like this:

→ set dom = tamino.DoQuery(“mydoc[@id=‘1’]”)

and then getting total count of the query with:

→ lng = tamino.GetTotalCount(dom)

If lng is greater then 0 there is a minimum of 1 document… :cool:

let me know if that helps you…


If you specify a boolean query you can get a boolena result.

if you a query like this ‘Model2/@s=“a”’

should should get the answer TRUE or FALSE
xql:resultFALSE</xql:result> like this

If you want a count

a query would be ‘count(Model2[@s=“a”])’ you
get an integer

xql:result99</xql:result> like this