Doc pending for a long time in trigger Q

Hi All,

I see one document is pending in the trigger queue (which is a concurrent trigger max thread 4) for a long time (almost 2 hours). Source system has stopped publishing any docs long back.
I guess it’s not failing in subscribing service as I don’t see any entry in wM log and our custom error handling tool.
At this point I am wondering what may cause this doc to be staying in the queue. Any idea would greatly appreciated!
Is there any way I can see the content of the pending doc in trigger queue (or get the dump of canonical content from queue)?


Just a testing suggestion execute the trigger manually and check if you get it subscribed . As far as I know you can see your publishable document format not the actual document content . Also check if broker connection is looking good or not …


If the document is still in the queue, you can use the ‘browse queue’ feature in MWS and look at the document/content.


Also check if the max. 4 threads of the subscribing service are hanged.
To check the content of docs, you need to have a java service implementation. I have seen a good piece of code in this forum for that.