Do I really need more than 1 Broker in 6x

In ES 5.0.1, I currently have 1 Broker Server with 7 Brokers. Each Broker is more of a container for the source code, i.e, wholesale project integrations go in the Wholesale Broker, retail projects go in the Retail Broker.

With a migration to 6.x it would seem that after I fully migrate all the projects that I no longer need all those brokers as the broker is now just a messaging hub for documents. My “code” is now contained in packages within a single instance of IS.

Am I over-simplifiying things?

If you still want to use ES5.01 Brokers,place them in a territory and connect along with the IS6.x broker (Main),ofcourse this depends on your requirement and topology.

yes,latest IS6.x Broker Server kind of messaging hub for documents (pub/sub).


Yes, we will keep our 5.0.1 Brokers upon migration to 6.1 and do just as you described. Eventually we will want to get rid of those brokers so we have a homogeneous 6.x system, and that was really the crux of my question. I would think that in a fully 6.x environment we would only want 1 broker (unless performance reasons dictate otherwise).

you will find more performance balance than pre versions,especially in 6.x versions.

You might take a look at the new Technical Report on the performance of the 6.1 Broker that was released last week. See for more details.


Thanks Mark, for the update.