Do i need to migrate the Broker storage while upgrade

we are in the process of wM8x to wM9.5. Planning to migrate the Broker first and then rest of the components. Going to install in a fresh environment(new UNIX physical server). Do i need to copy the storage files. if yes then could someone provide me what are the files needs to be copied…?

for example


Regarding the files copying please read “Upgrades Not Covered in This Guide” & “Use of Zip File as Old Installation” chapters in Upgrade Guide.

Upgrade Guide is located at “”.

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Hi Lance,

If you are migrating your broker from one machine to another, then you need to copy the whole broker storage directory from your old machine to new machine. And while creating the new broker server, point to storage directory copied. For more details please see, section Create Broker Server 9.5 and Use the Old Storage.