Distinguish character in a field from field delimiter character of a record using webMethods

We have a requirement where we have to parse impex file (CSV format) using webMethods . It is a semicolon delimited record .But there is a possibility that the fields can also have “;” as part of the data and not an a delimiter. How can the data “;” distinguished from field delimiter of the record

For example :
Sample Record :

;0001;10011;pieces;CAREXXXXXXXXXX;;The CAREXXXXXXXXXX DRX-1 System offers a quick, easy and affordable way to transition to digital radiography. Based on the unique X-Factor platform, a wireless DR detector simply slides into existing x-ray equipment and can be used with imaging systems throughout your facility. Some use word processor; others DR detector or x-ray equipment The detector is also the center point of the XXXXX Family–a complete line of innovative DR systems including full radiology rooms and mobile x-ray systems.;;

Here the highlighted line with “;” is part of the product description field and not a delimiter .
Kindly share your idea on how to handle this scenario using webMethods .


Is this exactly what you receive? Or do you receive on another format and it is translated to csv afterwards?
Is there a way to avoid having semicolons on the file (or use another separator)?
The extra semicolons always appear on the same field?

Default CSV handlers on IS (and Excel) use a escape character on those cases (usually “”).

If you can guarantee that the file with X fields per line/record has one and only one field (the Yth field) with semicolons, you could have some code doing:

For all lines

  1. does the line has more than X fields?
  2. Yes - > let Z = fields - X; join fields Y, Y+1, … Y+Z with an escaped semicolon
  3. save line for processing

Process lines saved.

Hope it helps.

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