Discrepancy between developer and My webMethods in 7.1.2

Hi All,

I am getting discrepancy between IS and My webMethods 7.1.2. when I want to delete the broker doc type from My webMethods, it’s not deleting the broker doc type and error I am getting is as below:

“No document types deleted. Error: Cannot delete document type". The document type has the following dependencies that you must remove: [Clients]:uMVQqAMiHSbminGAv4A7eNYPfaA__Test_testTrg [Can Publish entries in client groups]: IntegrationServer [Can Subscribe entries in client groups]:eventLog IntegrationServer”

This is exactly what has been mentioned in 7-1-1_Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide (page no.72) as below:
Note: You can only delete the associated Broker document type if there no clients have subscriptions for it.

But When I go to developer 7.1.2 and make the Publishabe property of the IS doc to false it asks me, “would you like to delete associated broker document type on the broker’? When I click ‘yes’ it doesn’t show me the error what I got from My webMethods and it simply deletes the broker doc type even though it has client subscription associated with it.

My concern is why there is ambiguity in developer or better to say IS and My webMethods in 7.1.2. This is not the case with wM 6.5 or previous versions. IS doesn’t allow to delete the broker doc type from developer also if it has client subscription.

I think IS should also not delete the broker doc type from developer in 7.1.2 by just making publishable property of doc type as “false” if it has client subscription. Any idea/suggestion why it’s happening like that.

Hi Animesh,

I tried deleting broker doc type from developer in 7.1.2 and surprisingly it got deleted even though it had subscribing trigger. I could not try using my webMethods coz it’s not installed in my system. But I tried using the same in imy 6.5 system and I got the same error what u got above. I am also confused about the unusual behaviour.