Discovering Custom Adapters

Has anyone attempted to discover and manage/monitor Custom Adapters? I’ve been told that 6.5 webMethods IS connections to the Broker are considered as custom clients and therefore their queues cannot be discovered per the normal OMI tree direcoverery (such as 4.6 adapters).

I am attempting to set up queue level monitoring for IS connections to the broker.

Andy Boehmer

There is nothing magic about IS queues on the Broker. There is no problem discovering any client queues on the Broker via OMI AFAIK. The Broker can’t tell the difference between wM-supplied adapters and so-called “custom” adapters. They all look pretty much the same to the Broker.

What was your experience when you set up to monitor the queues? In my experience, the challenge was getting Manager setup and configured properly to see anything.

I can see the normal resource; IS, Broker Server, Broker, JDBC connections. I can even see the Enterprise Adapters. However, under the “Custom Adapter” drop down list in the OMIObjectFilter tab I see nothing. I am not sure whether it is a “discovering issue”, ie Manager doesn’t see the objects, or a “display” issue where the Console is not formatted to display the data. I have reviewed the Admin and Developer’s guide for Manager/Console and have attempted to update the .properties files under the $OPTIMIZE/controller/conf/local directories as suggested by wM, but without success.
Thanks for replying. I hope this makes sense.

What queues can you see under the Broker?

We monitored Broker_Number_Event_Queued_Norm
(1 interval of OMIBroker stats:numEventsQueued.diagnosis.AboveNormal > 2.0) OR (1 interval of OMIBroker stats:numEventsQueued.diagnosis.BelowNormal > 2.0)

We didn’t look at individual queues so I’m not sure I’ll be able to help on this one.

By my last answer I meant I could see queue levels in the Enterprise Adapters (for 5.x brokers). I can see numEventsQueued like yours for just the broker as well as the other available attributes. I just don’t see anything showing up under Custom Clients. And I also don’t see anything in the System View or System Map under the Enterprise tab. I have an SR open with wM so I guess I will wait for their response.
Thanks for the info.

Hey, I wanted to pass along that I found the issue regarding the Custom Adapters. The problem is just in confusing documentation. Custom broker clients are part of the OMIBrokerServer->OMIBroker tree but they are defaulted to NOT selected in Manager Server. To discover them you need to select them (as you would for Packages/Services under the Integration Server section. But instead of drilling down into the Broker as you do on your IS names you have to use the Broker link at the top of the page. That directs you to the screen where you can select which Custom Clients you wish to be monitoring. The documentation says to click on the Broker link and that was what is confusing. So choose the actual link named Broker. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for your input.
Andy B.