Disabling the triggers for 2 days--Will the Broker go Down ?


In the our project there is a requirement that when it goes live to production, i will have to disable to the triggers for 2 days.

Reason being, that the source should be able to publish the data, but during these 2 days, the target system is not going to be available. When the target system becomes available on the 3rd day, I will enable the triggers so that data can flow to it.

Is there a chance that the broker will come down because of this ? ( The frequency of publishing is medium scale i.e. around 4000 per/day. The size of the documents is very small, with maximum 15 fields in it)

Is there any precautionary measure that i need to take( like increase queue capacity, save queue to a file) ? If yes, how?

Hi Harshad,

Untill and unless there is no burden on the broker, it will be up and running. As you are stating docs are ~4k/per day and doc size is less then absolutely broker keeps running.


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Hi Harshad,

If you have GEAR documents with you, it has Broker sizing document which gives you an estimate of Broker.stor and Broker.log sizes. After doing diligent calculation you can have confidence.

I am confident that your broker storage and log is minimum of 1GB, which can holds 8K docs fairly.