Disabling Link/Controls in Multiple portlets during Async request execution on a portal page

Hi All,

We have portal page with multiple portlets (from different projects). One of the portlets (parent) exposes a preference which is wired to other portlets (child) in the page. Using the external Control ID reference, I am able to refresh the results in the child portlets.
The requirement is to disable other button/links/clickable controls in the ‘child’ portlets whenever a async request is being executed in the ‘parent’ portlet. Could you please advise.

  • Hari

HI Hari,

You can add JS method in the child portlet and refer them from parent.
As all the methods will be rendered as one single HTML page. You will have access to child portlet JS methods.

You can have disable logic implemented in child portlet referring the ID and call the same method from parent.