Disabling 'BREAK' key


How do I disable functionality of BREAK key (located above Page UP key).

When I accidently press it during data entry, it kicks me out of my application.

Thanks :smiley:

I assume you are in a mainframe environment and using a 3270 client. Some (most?) 3270 clients give you the option to remap your keyboard. If you can find that option, you could disable the break key and remap it to something else (like +).

We use Jollygiant’s QWS3270 Secure client and it has some really nice customization features.

Thanks Jerome,

We use ‘Host On-Demand’ (IBM/Rational product). Would it have to be done on each PC individually or can be set for the whole (large) organisation ?

I’m not familiar with that client, but I suspect it would have to be done on each PC.