Disabeling UserName and Password Dialog box

Is there any way to suppress UserName and Password Dialog box, when user tries to connect Integration server by providing credential in config files.

Hello Chandra,

You can ask the user to provide a Certificate instead of User Name and password. You will have to define a port to receive either the certificate of user name and password. In this case user will not be prompted for user name and password. This should work.

  • Rajesh

You could use Anonymous ACL to your service. It won’t ask username and password. But you need to think about security of your service.

Or you can provide the username and password in the URL itself as



I would have a way of calling these service, without dialog.

First One

  1. write an anonymous service that accepts username and password as wrapper
    e.g. call http://yourserver:5555/invoke/folder/anonymousService?uid=username&pwd=password&serviceToCall=ServiceName

Within your anonymousService, use wm.client.http service to call specivic service… and pass username and password variables along with…