Direct call of Flow class from a Java Service

What Java code (both import and calling reference) can be
used to directly invoke a flow class from a Java Service?

In Developer, select Help | Java API Reference from the
menu. Review the Service class for information about
invoking IS services from Java code.

Look up Service in the Java API, and under method summary,
examine “doInvoke.”



In addition to the docs that Rob and Ray referred you to,
you can download a simple example from my log4j logging
example in the shareware section at

I used the doInvoke to echo the log messages written to
log4j to the wM IS log by invoking pub.debugLog.


Yes. The easiest way to do this for Integration Server:

  1. In Developer, select the service you want to call.
  2. Select Tools | Generate Code… from the menu.
  3. Select “For calling this service from another service” and click Next.
  4. Select the options desired and click Next.

The code will be placed on the clipboard. You can paste it into your Java service.

You mention that you’re new to Integration Server, so I’d offer that you may want to be wary of doing too much work within Java services. People new to IS tend to want to write Java services when they don’t have to. Of course there are times when Java must be used but for most integration tasks, it doesn’t.