differences between version 6.5 and 7.2 webMethods

Hello everyone,

First I apologize if my English is not correct. In fact this post I’m writing this post to know the differences between webMethods 6.5 and webMethods 7.2? And whether there somewhere documentation retracant frameworks that are supported by each version

Indeed I must create a document to present the various differences between the two versions for the various impacts that might have on an application that must be installed in our SI

Thank you in advance

The bookshelf product releases section on Advantage.webmethods.com will help with your task.

Thank you … However, I can not connect I do not have an account and I think I can not create one without webMethods

If you are tasked with comparing functionality of webMethods versions you MUST have access to the correct documentation.

There is no substitute or workaround that will eliminate your need to study the product release documentation.