Difference in between webMethods 6.5 and 7.1.2 versions


Currently I am giving support for webMethods7.1.2 environment.Before that we were using webMethods 6.5 version.I found that there are many new features in the webMethods 7.1.2 which i never knew…Can anyone please send me a note describing about each new features on webMethods 7.1.2 and the diff between webMethods6.5 and 7.1.2.

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Swetapadma Mohapatra

Have a look at the release notes on Advantage. I’d also suggest looking at the DSM upgrade case study under the Innovation World 2008 archive also on Advantage.

I believe there is a relevant document on the main Software AG web site as well although as I recall this was quite high level and I can’t locate the URL right now.

Generally the big differences were:

  1. IS repository server replaced with the network caching and direct database so no separate repository run-time
  2. IS supporting JMS triggers, including all the extra architectural options that gives
  3. The move to the Eclipse development environment for process models, and more recently some of the Developer functionality added in the v7.2 release (due to move out of FCS into General Availability within the next week or so I believe)
  4. Task Engine relocated to run inside the MWS container including substantial changes to the way human workflow is done
  5. The portals moved to a JSF construction within Eclipse in Designer, plus some other major enhancements around the way UIs are constructed.
  6. Many administrative interfaces moved into MWS and the MWS UI was given a serious cosmetic overhaul
  7. Simplification of the Optimize for Infrastructure setup
  8. Many enhancements in the reporting and visualisation capabilities relating to processes and BAM features

Overall, there is a big shift between v6.5 and v7.1, so you will have a substantial retraining/relearning exercise. The docs are always helpful, there are some training courses covering this shift, and Software AG Professional Services do run an upgrade workshop with customers if that is appropriate (see the main Software AG web site for details).

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Rob D.

Thanks a lot Rob :slight_smile:

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