Difference between resubmit and reprocess from TN

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Good day!!! Can somebody explain the difference between reprocess and resubmit the data from TN.


Hi Suren

Trading Network allows you to process the documents again if necessary. This happens when the document did not matches with any of your trading network documents, or the document triggered wrong document processing rules.

Resubmit and Reprocess or the two way of processing the document again.

When we Resubmit the document the trading network sends the document back and process as a new document.
As a result of this the TN starts processing the documents from the first, it determines the document type, extracts the document attribute, select the processing rule and process the document.

Trading Networks sends the document back to processing rule selection.
As a result, Trading Networks uses the TN document type it already has saved for the document as well as the document attributes it already has saved for the document. It simply selects a new processing rule and processes the document again.

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