Difference between "Refreshing web service connectors" vs Descriptors


I’m reading the webMethods (9-8_Web_Services_Developers_Guide.pdf) documentation and I have a doubt about the refreshing explanation :
What does mean IS uses “an updated version of WSDL” please ?
During the refreshing Web Service Descriptor operation, why the IS do not use the original WSDL to recreate all the informations (as I suppose, the Connectors are regenerated too ?)


This refresh happens during after the WSD deployment’s in this case and I believe most of the IS elements remain as is except you may have to check or correct the right end point URL’s.


If you refresh the web service connectors, Designer recreates the connector services using the existing WSD, without making any changes to the WSD, so it uses the copy of the WSDL stored in the WSD.

If you refresh the WSD, Designer rereads the WSDL from the source(a file, the service provider’s URL, etc), so any updates made to the WSDL since the WSD was originally created can be incorporated.

Thank you both for your responses,
but Erossing, the documentation is not meaning the opposite ?

Initialy I understood that the original WSDL was the real source, like you wrote the source as “a file, the service provider’s URL, etc)”.
Isn’t it ?