Difference between OpenCAF and Regular CAF

Hi, Can anyone tell me the difference between OpenCAF and RegularCAF, searched but couldn’t find the info any where.


OpenCAF provides you more flexibility, there is html representation of the screen available to you at design time which helps in accessing the screen better, you can add jQuery or any other JS easily.

If you have experience in CAF development, by looking at OpenCAF you will get a better idea what it has to offer

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Thanks for that Bari Khan.

Can you tell me the one which comes with 9.8 Designer is OpenCAF or the regular one


It is by default RegularCAF, you have to migrate it to OpnCAF or select OpenCAF template while creating the project.

Right click on the project CAFTools → Migrate to JSF 2

Below link is good for starters



Thanks Khan!!!

Can anyone help me with this.

I need to create a directory in remote server without using any remote invoke steps. I created a simple java service to make a directory but the problem is I’m not able to give the session key to the service. Is there any other way to create the drectory??