Difference between Broker Messaging and JMS Messaging...


I’m extremely new to webMethods, and have numerous questions…
This site is an invaluable resource for beginners. Thanks

Can someone please help me understand

  1. the difference between Broker Messaging and JMS Messaging
  2. when would you use webMethods Broker and when JMS messaging.

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Broker messaging is a product specific proprietary messaging backbone.
JMS messaging is an open industry standard messaging backbone.

If you have an environment with multiple integration servers under same brojer / territory then you might use Broker messaging. Since its proprietary so within webMethods you have lot of service make use of it.

If you have an environment where you want to interact with external applications then you might prefer Broker JMS messaging as its based on open standards.

However, there are no rules as to what type of messaging you want to use. It’s on case by case basis and the outcome of the architectural decision.

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Broker Server is a message queuing facility. It support message routing, queuing, filtering, and storage.

It supports various APIs with which applications, including Integration Server, can interact.

“Broker messaging” consists of calling wM-defined APIs to interact with Broker. A client uses one of the Broker libraries (Java, C#, others) to communicate with Broker.

“JMS messaging” consists of calling Java-defined APIs to interact with a JMS provider. The client uses the JMS classes/methods defined by J2EE/JEE to communicate with a JMS provider. The JMS classes rely on a library provided by the JMS provider. You are free to use any provider. wM Broker is a JMS provider.

JMS isn’t a messaging backbone per se. Indeed, it is only an API.

Integration Server provides services to interact with Broker in either fashion. Which to use is mostly just personal preference. As Sumit notes, there are no hard and fast rules for deciding which will work best for your situation. If your organization already knows and understands JMS then perhaps that would be the way to go.

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