Difference between Broker and Universal Messaging

What is the main difference between Broker and Universal Messaging?
Also, I want to know about the differences and methods for UM’s transmission system (ex.Queue, Topic, Data Group …). In particular, with a focus on Data Group.

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It seems that the link is not available any more. Could anyone share a new link?

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The link mentioned in this thread is available and I can access as well.

The attached document provides a comparison of features.
Hope this helps.
UM-Broker Comparison.pdf (306 KB)


Felix, yes you were right (even I got some error!) but now if you retry now it must take you there.

Thanks Jonathan , for sharing the document.

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I’m just confused about the terminology used in the document shared by Jonathan.



what do they mean.

Arun Cholleti.

Hi Arun,

Those are different product codes of UM licenses…

NUMWI - With this you can expect similar behaviour as in Broker and it doesn’t support Active-Active clustering. If users are using Broker then can get a free swap to this UM license which means no extra cost involved in migrating to UM.

NUMWS - Apart from the features provided by NUMWI, this also supports Active-Active clustering.

NUMWF - Fully featured license. This supports additional features like AMQP, MQTT, JavaScript and mobile support. Additionally it also supports Data Groups, web proxies, schedulers etc…

NUMTF- Fully featured Terracotta license. This should be used if we are using UM as standalone and not being used for messaging within webMethods products.

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How do find out what of the above features do we have to 9.12 trial version for UM

Arun Cholleti.