difference between application and service


What is the difference between Application and service in webmethods inistalation.

Thanks in advance



There are many threads in this form that talks about the difference. Even in the Admin guide you will find it. Go through them first and if you still have questions then update this thread back.

But anyways, if you install as application you have to launch the IS as your application and if it is installed as service, IS starts up on each system start up. More questions?

Yes. If you install as an application, you have to manually go and run the .bat/ .sh file to start the server.

If you install it as a service, Server runs as service and you can set it to start Automatically along with the windows so that you don’t have to worry about starting or stopping the servers any time.

But One thing I am not sure is whether we can have it as service in Linux environment?

Hi Sam,

sure you can.

you will have to modify the init.d to include the appropriate call to the start and shutdown scripts.

After installation there are some scripts (at least for wM 9.5+) to do this for you:

  • /bin/asRootAfterInstall.sh

As this modification can only be done by root you might to explain this to your Linux administrators.