difference berween pooling nitification and listner notification

Hi all,
anyone pls tell me the difference berween pooling nitification and listner notification ?

Polling notificationis used in JDBC Adapters, where an adapter notification is used, and waits for the record to be inserted…
I am not sure for Listener Notification, but its in EntireX Adapters.


In a Polling notification, you keep on monitoring/polling the configured object for configured change.

Example: JDBC Insert Notification polls the configured Table and notifies whenever there is an Insert Operation. For achieving this webMethods creates required Buffer Table, Stroed Proc and all in Databse.

In a LIstener Notification, you just configure an Object to listen to a request from back end(SAP).

Example: Routing Notification- In this case SAP initiates the Transaction of pushing an IDOC to destination. webMethods takes (Listens to)the request.

So in simple terms, in a pooling notification, webMethods goes and picks and processes…
In a Listener Notifications webMethods receives the request and processes it.

To Add- Polling notification is a scheduled job in webMethods.
Listener Notification is realtime based on the request from Back end(e.g. SAP).


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