Difference b/w Broker Territories & Broker Clusters

Hello, i have been going through the webm8 documentation on administering the broker … however, i am unable :confused: to understand the difference between a broker cluster & broker territories… request your help here

what i understood from the reading that i have been doing is… broker clusters do not support forwarding of natively published/delivered documents from one broker to another broker in a cluster (both brokers are in the same cluster)

let me know if this is correct and request you to point out if there are any more of them.

Thanks in advance.

Quick terminology summary:

Broker Server - the process on a server that manages 1 or more Brokers.

Broker - the component within a Broker Server that manages client communications, providing pub/sub facilities

Unfortunately, the wM documentation often uses the word “Broker” when it should use “Broker Server”.

A Broker Server can be used in a cluster and is intended to provide high availability. If the primary fails, the other will take up its work.

A Broker territory is a collection of two or more Brokers (not Broker Servers). The Brokers may be defined within a single Broker Server or may be in different Broker Servers. A territory is a way to scale the system. Brokers in a territory share meta data (client groups, doc types, etc.) and can exchange messages between them. A client connected to a Broker can publish a document. A subscriber to that doc type connected to any Broker in the territory will get the document.

Hope this helps.

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Hi reamon,

I have a question about broker cluster kindly request you help.

If I use broker cluster, the OS of deploy broker cluster must also implement cluster? thanks

I’m not familiar with the Broker clustering introduced in 8.x. In previous versions, Broker clustering was provided solely by OS/software clustering. Perhaps the documentation has the info you need. Or maybe someone else can post their understanding.

can some one help me in how to share clients in Broker territory ?

Did you read thru the webMethods Broker Administrator userguide documentation?

Gateway/territories configuration.

Also what is your IS/Broker version?

Both IS and Broker version are 8.2.

Going through Admin Guide but did n’t get proper information regarding sharing the clients in territory gateway.

What do you mean exactly by “share clients?” Territories do not change how IS connects to Broker. IS still connects to a specific Broker. If you have multiple IS instances with identical configurations connecting to the same Broker–what I refer to as a “Broker client cluster” (which is independent of IS cluster)–they still connect in the same way and share the client queues on that one Broker.

Hi Reamon and Team,

If clustering is only possible with broker server not with broker in that case I thine broker should be identical and similary and thier name also should be same on
all the broker server like queue and topic in case of Universal messaging. Please correct me if my understanding wrong.

I have one more query here, in case of broker server clustering and if we are clustering 3 broker server then how we will give the name of broker server IP while
creating broker server alias on IS.
I case of UM we give nsp://IP:PORT, nsp://IP:port like this…

One more thing I want to know which kind of clustering is possible for broker server ? Is it load balancing on failover?

Where I can find the detail guide for configuring Broker clustering.

Please suggest…