Difference b/w broker queue and trigger queue?

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       This is veera. Can somebody please tell me the difference between broker queue and trigger queue.

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A Broker maintains “clients” for publishers and subscribers that have connected to Broker. A client is a queue for documents to which a subscriber has subscribed. When a document is published to the Broker, the Broker places the document on each subscriber’s queue.

Integration Server has a notion of “triggers” which are associated with a Broker client.
IS retrieves documents for its triggers from the corresponding Broker clients (queues), placing the documents in an IS trigger queue. The documents here are waiting to be dispatched by IS to the appropriate “trigger service” which will process the document.

IS uses these trigger queues for efficiency–it’s better to retrieve several documents waiting in the Broker instead of just one at a time. The trigger queue also lets IS manage serial and concurrent trigger service execution.


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         Thanks for your immediate reply. I read some where that subscriber queue doesn't really holds the documents, it just contain the pointers to the document on the broker queue(memory). Is that the trigger queue also holds the pointers of that document on broker memory or it really holds the document?   

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It’s likely that the Broker does indeed only hold pointers in subscriber queues. I’m not sure one way or the other.

The trigger queue most likely holds the document. It most certainly does not hold a pointer to the document in Broker memory. The Broker is a completely separate entity and in most cases is running on a completely different machine.