Diff tool in webMethods

Hello all, thanks for reading,

Our client wants to build a regression test framework to enable controlled deployment of new releases. The rough idea is to click some button after/before the installation of a new release, which would trigger a number of tests to make sure that the code upgrade doesn’t mess up existing functionalities.

Following this train of thoughts, we will need to compare output xml. for this, we are considering the usage of some kind of diff code/tool.
We want to automatise the process as much as possible; we don’t want to have to pick up the files, run the diff tool and then look at the results. Not only is this tedious work, it will also be time-intensive.

We are therefore looking for some tool or code that does the trick. Does anybody know of an API or open code which we could use? Any considerations we need to take into account? At the moment, we are looking at using a java class, but perhaps there is an existing solution?

Thanks for your help all input is appreciated!

Check out Solstice Software (www.solsticesoftware.com) for the regression testing stuff.

I tested XMLUnit in the past, but didn’t find it to be tremendously useful in comparing large, complex documents.


Thank you all for your input, I’ll let you know which solution we opt for and why as soon as we get there.