Device dashboards are slow


I’m attempting to build some dashboards to showcase sensor data at a glance. I’ve built two dashboards of 9 widgets (built-in widgets; combo of data point graphs, silo, radial gauge, linear gauge). Most of the graphs are displaying multiple data points (ie graph for X, Y, Z acceleration) from a single device. Once I add more than about 3 widgets, everything really starts to slow down, from adding new widgets to the display updating current widgets. I am seeing the data correctly in the Devices section, but its not working as expected in by dashboard.

I am building the dashboard in the Groups section of the Cockpit.

I am on a free trial account. Any suggestions on how I can improve the rendering speed of my dashboard?


Hi Luke,

sorry for my late reply? Do you still see slow dashboards? In the past there were some performance issues on the system, which we fixed in the meantime.

best regards