Developing custom adapters

I want to know when to go for custom adapter development? what’s the average effort?
What’s the other approach for integrating with a resource for which webmethods doesnt provide adapters?

Hi, john5467.

What is the resource to which you are connecting? And, what is the format of that data that you are receiving/sending? I think you will find that there is an existing adapter that fits your needs.

Custom adapter development is very challenging – it is easier to take an existing adapter and configure it for your needs.

if i were you, i would try to use the ILA and bunch of java codes to accomplish your objective. this is basically a non pretty and non user-friendly version of a custom adapter. of example, you can write an “ejb adapter” by implementing ejb client codes inside the ILA. but if you want a configurable adapter with operation templates. you have to write your own. GEAR has a good example of writing custom adapter and make sure you know the webmethods enterprise api inside/out.

i wrote two custom adapters last year, it took me two months. of course it does not have the industrial strength as webmethods/3rd party adapters as i was working for a financial company and the company did not plan to sell the adapters.