Determine at runtime if a service is being audited

I’d like to determine at run-time if the service that is executing is being audited (i.e. has service auditing enabled on the audit tab of the service) and then, in my shared error handling routine, perform a specific action if true. Anyone have suggestions on how to do this? We are running wM 6.0.1


You can use the (undocumented!) service
This service returns, amongst others, a string “audit_level” which contains the information you need.


Thanks for the suggestion. I ran the service, and it returns interesting attributes for a service. However, the audit_level attribute does not appear to be directly tied to the audit setting for a specific service. In our situation, the value of that attribute is always “off” regardless of the audit setting on the service (i.e. “never”, “for top-level service only”, “always”).