Determine at run-time if a service is being audited

I’d like to determine at run-time if the service that is executing is being audited (i.e. has service auditing enabled on the audit tab of the service) and then, in my shared error handling routine, perform a specific action if true.

There was a point when I was able to use the WmRoot service to get the audit list from the server.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Another thought…

I’m not sure the usability of this, but in the node.ndf file of the service will have the following value: 1. Set to 1 is on, 0 is off. Of course, the difficult part would be to get the list of those turned on/off. My only initial thoughts would be (in Unix) do a directory search for all node.ndf files, search for the auditoption value above, if true, then get the directory path and strip the service out of it. Send the list to output.

Would be curious to know if you try this, or whatever you find that actually works. Seems like a nice helper service to have.

I was trying to create a service that would turn auditing on/off by selecting a checkbox/radio button on a DSP page. This way you wouldn’t have to go into developer to do it. I think these two things will have a similar solution.