Details: 'indexFileDir' must be declared before an index may be opened

I have been observing in the IS server logs the below mentioned issue not sure about the error. Any insights on the below would be much appreciated

[ISS.0045.0045C] (tid=115393) Failed to create or append index. Details: ‘indexFileDir’ must be declared before an index may be opened.
Failed to index chunk. The resource primary key is 1,129,201.

ApiGateway and IS are installed in the machine.

Hi Ghouse,

which version of IS are you running on?

Please provide an outline what you are trying to achieve, which is causing this error message.


Hi Thomsen,

IS version is 10.11, API Gateway Data Store 10.11 is also installed using this gateway we are allowing API calls to the remote Internal servers(Services).

Process related service data for the APIgateway is being stored in WMERROR, WMSERVICE tables.

Is this error related to the above tables?


Hi Ghouse,

I still do not have an idea what you are trying to achieve and where this error is thrown.

Are there any Fixes applied to your installations?
Can you check if there are newer Fixes available which should be applied before further investigations can happen?


Hi Ghouse,

Checking the latest fixes first, should always be the first step for fixing these kind of bugs. That is the reason we ask fix level all the time. Looks like for version 10.11 there was a similar error which was adresses on 10.11 core fix 11. Check the link below for more information.

Please verify if this fix is installed or not.

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