Detailed service report - organisasion key


I’ve just started to use Centrasite Community Edition and tried to generate a detailed service report.
The problem is that I’m supposed to define an organisational key (default: uddi:207ff1cc-25c5-544c-415c-5d98ea91060c).

Where can I found the key for my own organisations that I’ve defined?
Why is it not just a drop-down with all my organisations? :?


one option is to add the UDDI Key to the browse results - use the “select columns” icon on the top right above the results page to select.

The report is intended to be started from the selection of the organization. That is either when viewing the organization details, you select the Action menu, Generate Reports… or from a search/browse list, select the organization checkbox, then use the actions drop down to pick the Generate Reports option. The UDDI key will be passed to the report automatically.

Thanks :smiley: it worked when adding the key column to the search result.
The browse function did not show organisations.

I also managed to generate the report directly from the organsiations view.