Deployment of ADL deletes event subscriptions on other adapters

We recently deployed and ADL to a production server, and later found out that doing so removed some of the existing event subscriptions for a totally unrelated adapter on the same broker. WM knows about this bug and has a patch for it, but until we get that deployed, we are having to manually verify all subscriptions for all adapters on any broker where we deploy and ADL. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how this could be automated?

Thanks, Brandy

You say wM knows about the bug… did they give you a bug number? Or by now a patch?

I have never heard of this error, Brandy, and would really appreciate if you could provide more information. We could all benefit from your experience.


Is it that the import of your .adl file overwrote the adapter infoset for an event or that the client group can subscribe rights got deleted. If it is that the infoset got deleted, I can share with you a utility that compares the adapter infosets in an adl file with the infosets in the broker and reports exceptions. We are using it to prevent this during promotions to our production environment.

I have run into this problem when I imported components using Manager. Which version of the tools are you using? There is a patch for I believe the 4.6 tool set that fixes this problem (can not remember if this is the correct version number). You should be able to find it on the Advantage website.