Deploying JSR168 portlet from CAF to Liferay


I’m looking for anyone who has experience creating a JSR 168 compliant portlet in caf and deploying this to liferay. We are running liferay on tomcat or jboss (ideally jboss). When we deploy our portlets we are running into a javascript error from the wm_cafshared.war when it tries to dynamically create the javascript. The javascript returned is in binary, which doesn’t work too well in a browser.

So has anyone in this community had any success deploy portlets developed using caf to liferay?



Liferay is not a supported runtime for CAF portlets.
Thas being said, I managed to get some CAF portlets (7.1.2) deployed in a previous version of Liferay-Tomcat (I believe it was a 5.1.x with tomcat 5.5.) (deployed wm-cafshared.war, added liferay-display.xml). Those same portlets did not work on a later version of Liferay, which made me lose some time and took me back to my first sentence: Liferay is not supported.
Why don’t you use WSRP?

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