we want to automate with which is working not so bad.
at the end of the output are these lines:

[DEP.0100.3.39] Report file name       :/opt/softwareag/IntegrationServer/instan

i’d like to add the output xml to an email, but with this string i do not know how to do it.
Is it possible to manipulate the output or do you have some better ideas, howto get this?


Do you mean, you want the file name ouput into one line so that you can get it easier and then read the produced output file itself and copy it into the mail that you presumably send from your automation script?

You could of course create a feature request on brain storm, but IMO you’d be better off to just write some code to find those last lines and concatenate them. You’ll get the desired result very much sooner than via brain storm. This could even be made with some standard unix text utilities (I’m not sure though).

exactly what you say.
ok i’ll try to figure out how to concatenate the string.