Deleting the trigger from the file system

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  1. Using Developer, do a “Find Dependents” on the following service: This returns 3 results, 1 of them wrong:
    ---- LXKProductSiebelIn/LXKMachineTypeModelSiebelIn.trigger:subscribeToProductNRT (this doesn’t even exist in the package!!!)
    ---- LXKProductSiebelIn/LXKProductSiebelIn.triggers:subscribeToProductBatch (correct)
    ---- LXKProductSiebelIn/LXKProductSiebelIn.triggers:subscribeToProductNRT (correct)

  2. From the “Find Dependents” window, if you try to go to the bad trigger it doesn’t find it.

  3. If you take a look at the broker, you will see the associated broker client queue and will see that it is subscribing and processing documents!!!
    ---- qa7000_LXKMachineTypeModelSiebelIn.trigger_subscribeToProductNRT

  4. The first time I saw this, I reloaded the package and the bad trigger disconnected and everything worked normally.

  5. However, this problem resurfaced after the QA:7000 IS server was cycled

  6. This invalid trigger is invoking the service causing each Product to be processed twice.

  7. Since this trigger doesn’t show up in developer, it must be on the file system somewhere.

Can you investigate where this invalid trigger is coming from?
Can you please give me a clue in deleting the trigger from the file system

Try doing a text search on your server filesystem by using the above unique trigger name i.e., under <wmfolder>\IntegrationServer\packages\