Deleting selected messages from the PartnerManager store

Has anyone deleted SELECTED messages from the PartnerManager store? I’d like delete messages that are n-days old, in Confirmed status, etc. Variable criteria, in other words.

The secret appears to be in wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.Sweeper:sweepTRX, but if someone has a simpler way (sweepTRX does NOT appear to be selective)…


I’ve figured this out myself, and built the code to accomplish what was needed (deletion based upon a combination of document age and state).

The group has been a bit of a disappointment of late…

Did I miss a Smiley there?

And for the answer, We have a service scheduled to run every 30 days to delete messages that are older than a month. The service has an exec sql statement in it.

Dave wrote:

"The group has been a bit of a disappointment of late… "

You are not alone in your observation. It has not gone unnoticed that in the last couple weeks that there have been more questions than answers.

Part of this is the nature of discussion forums. People get burned out answering questions. Some questions truly are new. Some questions cannot be answered due to confidentiality (e.g. I can tell you that I did it but am restricted from saying how). The breadth of the product makes it likely that you might be treading where few have gone before. Add in the 6.0 release where there’s a lot of new ground to cover and we have lots of people needing help.

As you no doubt understand, this community is entirely made up of volunteers. Even though some might think there is an entire “staff” running this site, there is only one guy. He isn’t paid by anyone to do this. And he does a hell of a great job. On top of putting together the site itself, he contributes a lot to the forums–and has a real job to boot (Dan is my man-of-the-year award winner). All the rest of the material comes from the community itself. The community is entirely self-supporting.

I know several people will join me in expressing heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all the people who take time to answer questions, write articles, post shareware, etc. This site has provided me with countless solutions for issues I’ve come across in my project work. The key here is that the community is intended to be a give and take environment–not just take.

All that said, I do think we as a group need to not slack off on responding to questions–as has seems to be the case of late. The need is still there. If you have the answer to a question, please take the time to post it. Don’t wait for someone else to chime in.

For those posting questions, following some guidelines will help in getting meaningful answers and avoid burning out the answerers:

  • Read the wM documentation.
  • Search wmusers and Advantage discussion forums to see if your question has already been answered. (e.g. “the server says it can’t compile my java service” and “where can I download X” have been answered many times.)
  • Read the wM documentation.
  • Be as descriptive about the issue as possible. Posting something like “webMethods won’t start up. can someone help?” won’t result in meaningful responses. Specify which product you are using, post the error message (if any), identify what you’ve tried already, etc. Too much info is generally better than too little.
  • Read the wM documentation.
  • If you’re pursuing a specific technique to solve a particular problem, post the problem that you’re working on in addition to the technique. Sometimes someone can suggest another technique to address the problem.
  • Read the wM documentation.
  • Don’t post the same message in mulitple areas. It is unnecessary. If you’re unsure where to post, use the General area.
  • Read the wM documentation.
  • If you figure out the answer to your question yourself, please consider posting that answer so that others will benefit from your newfound knowledge.
  • And lastly, read the wM documentation.

The not-so-subtle point is that the wM documentation generally contains the information to answer the majority of questions that get posted. Please, please refer to the docs before posting a question.

Sorry to have gotten on the soapbox (the regulars should be used it by now!) :slight_smile: but we all need to keep at it to continue to have wmusers be THE wM community. May the FLOW be with you.

The speed of the responses to the questions here depends on a lot of factors which are beyond our control. One such reason is that the voluteers who used to answer questions fast could be very busy with their projects.

they could be travelling.
they are vacationing
they became project managers! etc etc

Hopefully we will be back on track with more knowledge sharing and less abstinance!

Great post Rob,

Another few factors I’d like to add is that on certain days/weeks some of us are extremely busy, making it difficult to answer a particular question with the effort that would be required to do it justice. With over 1800 users on this site, there could be more people answering questions too.

Much more descriptive questions would help too! :wink:

Excellent points Vinod and Will. Those are things for all of us to keep in mind.

I’m reminded of a popular cubicle sign: I can help only 1 person per day. Today isn’t your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

I don’t think anyone one has the right to knock this group.
It’s free and it works. It has saved by but numerous times and I have learnt a tremendous amount from other post.

If the speed at which you get an answer is not fast enough then try Tech Support.

It’s included with the license fee.

For anyone interested, the solution, at least as implemented in sweepTRX, involves getting a list of PM transactions from the wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.TransactionManager, retrieving the required information from wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.Transaction, deleting the transaction’s file (this involves the GatewayManager), followed by a delete to wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.XML_TransactionStore (assuming the PM is not using the DB store). Althogether pretty simple. It would have been simpler had it been documented somewhere.

There is a wrinkle, though: this solution does not work on the SAP Business Connector v4.0.1. The problem does NOT involve the wm.PartnerMgr.xtn package (the classes function the same way, as does sweepTRX). It seems the Java compiler is unable to resolve classes in the package (YES, the classpath includes the PM’s classes directory).