I’m trying to cancel the tupleID 1 with the following query

query=/AccessList/instance[@accesslistID=2] //tupleID="3"

then i invoke accessor.delete(query)

but it doesn’t work…can anyone help me?
In what way can i insert a new element watcher?

What you are trying to do is delete a node from a document. Currently Tamino only supports deletion of complete xml documents unless you use the NodeLevelUpdate feature. See the NodeLevelUpdate FAQ here for more details.

What exactly do you mean by “insert a new element watcher”?

To get documents from Tamino, use the query() method and use the iteration to get to the individual documents returned.

To delete element or insert a new element you simply use DOM methods on the individual document obtained via the iterator and use the update() method to update the entire individual document back to Tamino.

For documentation on DOM1 (which the TaminoClient API uses) download the DOM SDK from here. If you use the TaminoAPI4J (which I would recommend to you) then you can have a look at the DOM2 documentation here.

hope this helps,

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.