Defining Additional Authentication Type in Swagger

Products versions - webMethods Integration Server version: 10.5 and above


Swagger is the base for consumption at webMethods application for generating the REST Connectors using Consumer REST API Descriptor (RAD).

In case, Provider wants their Consumers to authenticate using specific authentication type ( for e.g. OAUTH2 ) and if the relevant configuration is not available in swagger, please follow the below steps to update swagger and consume it to display/populate the additional authentication type in REST Consumer Connectors.


Provider needs to support the needed (for e.g. OAUTH2) Authentication Mechanism

Steps to follow

Below is the sample configuration in swagger that supports only APIKey


when consumed using REST API Descriptor Element → consumer , it appears as below

Please refer below configuration in swagger for adding the additional security configuration ( for e.g. OAUTH2 )


After updating swagger with the above configuration and consumed, additional authentication type (for e.g. OAUTH2) will appear in the REST Connector as below

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