Default Schema in Oracle

I want to use JDBC adapter to read some data, but database schema is different in test\prod. I would like to use current <current catalogue>.<current schema>.TableA in my JDBC adapter, but I can’t find how to set it up - does Oracle JDBC support that? I expect it to be at JDBC connection screen, where we have Other Properties…

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Why not have two seperate adapter services, one for test and one for porduction. Then use a system property to set an evironment variable to production or test. Then get that value in order to execute the proper adapter connection by branching on that variable and executing the proper sequence.

If you are not familar with properties, you can download a package called PSUtilities from WM Advantage that has services that you can use.

We have the similar situation, we got around by writing stored procedures to do all database activities and have the schema name in the stored procedure as a text string.To migrate from test to prod, just search and replace the schema string with the new schema.

Thanks everyone!

I’m surprised that it can’t be done I was using DB2 connection for some time and it had a parameter, I could specify what library it should connect to (of course, user should have proper access rights).


If you are using wM version lower than 6.1, you will need to create two separate adapter services for two different schemas.

Normally once adapter connection has been setup, there is no way of changing it. In version 6.1 there is a service which can be invoked to change adapter connection settings for an existing adapter service.

It takes two input parameters:
Service Name - This is the adapter service we want to change adapter connection settings for
New Adapter Connection - New adapter connection to replace existing one