Default focus on page load

hi All,

When a portlet opens, focus is coming by default to the first Text Input / Text Area control no matter what Tab Index we gave in the portlet. - Is this an expected behavior?

My requirement is not to have the focus on the first Text input / Text area control by default. I tried changing the focus in a javascript - on load of the page. It is changing the focus from first Input control to the target control I specified in javascript which is executing the code given on ‘onblur’ event (which means this code gets executed on page load - which is not intended to be executed on page load).

Is there any way to specify default focus other than the first text input control on page load.

we are using webMethods 713 version.

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

Yes, that is the expected default behavior.

If you want to configure which control gets the initial focus, you can set the ‘Default Focus’ property of the Form control to the id of the target control.