Default Document store?

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       I got a small doubt in the pub sub model. always we have two cases , is publishing or broadcasting a document and delivering a document,, we have default document store coming into picture in the case of delivering a document and it's not the case while publishing the document.

In delivering a document: why does the integration server retrieves the document from the broker and keep it default document store? why not directly in trigger document store? What’s the significance of default document store in this case?

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Veera Chitturi.

I’m not sure what your overall question is? Are you having issues with your Integration? I think if you re-read the Pub/Sub Developers guide you will find that your understanding of how it works is backwards. Deliver versus Publish is opposite of what you have stated in regards to the default document store.

Again is something not working or are you just trying to understand the internals of the IS and broker?

I’m just trying to understand the internals of broker and IS. I just want to know why the integrations server(Subscriber) uses default document store in case of delivering a document but in the case of publishing a document.

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In that case I would stick to reading through the Pub/Sub Developer’s guide. It goes into lots of detail on the interaction with the IS(Dispatcher) and the broker.


I have read the whole document, i got this doubt, while i am reading the document. In the document i suppose it was nowhere mentioned that the why the default document store is used in delivering case and why it was not used in publishing case. Alright, not a problem. I will go through the document again.

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Do you mean the Default client (queue) on the Broker?

Published documents are copied to subscriber queues. When IS establishes a subscription, it establishes a client connection (and associated queue) using a name that contains the subscribed document type name.

When IS publishes a document, it uses the Default client to publish. For a request/response interaction, the response documents are delivered to the same client (queue). IS doesn’t (and shouldn’t) store such documents in the trigger store because there is no trigger in this case.

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       How you doing? In the case of delivering a document to a particular client,I just want to know why the integration server uses default document store as a memory to store the retrieved documents. why does the integration server doesn't use default document store in the case of publishing or broadcasting a document.

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Because delivered documents won’t always have triggers/subscribers. Indeed, IME delivered documents don’t have subscribers. The deliver mode is typically for request/response interactions used by publishAndWait. I’ve never seen a trigger configured for delivered documents, only for published documents–but the terminology has evolved over time. The pub/sub guide seems to view delivered docs as a special case of published documents.