default directory for schemas

Is there a default directory that tamino saves the schemas and imported files in? We have a schema which we want to edit as ascii (there are a lot of search and replace items that we don’t want to do one at a time in the schema editor), but we can’t find the .tsd file.


hello cindy,

tamino does not store the schemas (nor the data) in flat files in the file system. that would really defeat the purpose of it being a DBMS.

however, there are several approaches that will one way or another solve your problem.

for one, you can use the APIs and build yourself a small java application that will retrieve your schemas (and perhaps even update them to the database after manipulation).

an alternate approach would be using the X-Plorer, and defining an editing tool for the schema.

best regards,
andreas f.

The default directory is the home directory of the user.
E.g. Microsoft Windows 2000 has the user directories in the folder “C:\Documents and Settings”.