Decrease processing time while batch inserting into Db and monitoring it with Adapter notification


I’m trying to use Adapter notification to monitor Db when new records are inserted in the Db and pick the records and send it to another db.
But when i’m trying to insert 5 records into the DB while doing POC it is taking 5 minutes to publish the data to the subscribing service(1 min for each record)

I want to decrease the processing time.
Is there any other way this requirement can be implemented.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Hi Preethika,

There are a lot of parameters which influence performance in this case.

Please provide more details about your environment:
wM version
JDBC Adapter version
Database vendor and version
Database vendor and version

What Messaging serive are you using`Broker or UM?

How large are the records retrieved by the notification?
Eventually it is neccessary to just retrieve some key values during notification and then pull the rest of the data by a batched select and insert these using batched insert to the second db.



wM version -9.10
JDBC Adapter version - no idea where to find that
Database vendor and version -mysql-11.0 version

I’m using UM and each record has 7 columns.
Right now im trying to get the data by using Stored proc instead of notification.
I need to transform the data in webmethods and send it to the target.
I need an alternative where i can reduce the load on webmethods.

Any suggestions might be helpful


Hi Preethika,

the JDBC Adapter version can be found on /WmRoot/updates.dsp or via the About-Link in the JDBC-Adapter Admin UI.

How large is the content of each column?
Are the Columns all defined as Varchar2 or are there some LOBs beneath them?



The JDBC Adapter version and fix number is also available on the “About” section of the left menu of the adapter connections page.

Best Regards