Decoding BLOB / Getting Service Pipeline from service

hi, at the minute we do some daily checks on certain services in MWS to check if they have failed. This is time consuming and I am looking into automating the process.

I have checked the database where the information is stored, but it is stored as BLOB. I have saved one of the BLOBs to a file and opened in Notepad++ and removed the NUL values, leaving the title of each field in the file, but where the pipeline data should be there are values such as VT,EOT,SOH,ENQ,SI etc… which I can only think of being encoded values.

Presumably MWS decodes this information somehow, using a service? Trying to find where this is stored, or another way I could create a service that gets the pipeline information.

Thanks for the help.

Share more details on the “automating the process”

Did you explore the services in WmMonitor package. For your purpose you have to use the services out of the box.

Hi Calvin,

What type of services are you trying to check in MWS.

We also do daily check, but is concerned mostly with reporting failed tasks/processes/documents, etc…

Best regards,
Vlad Turian

If I’m not mistaken there is a class XMLBinaryCoder (or IDataBinaryCoder) or something like that. Inspect is-client.jar and/or is-server.jar and search for classes having “Coder” in their name. If there is also “Binary” in the name, then that’s what you want!

I’m not sure whether this class is documented in the official IS Java API.

If you’ve found it please share the exact name here.